Companies often face a situation, in which the management of a department has to be covered for a short period of time and at short notice to boot. Be this due to parental/medical/tutorial leave of the current manager, be it due to a succession period, be it due to restructuring or even implementation of new departments.

Should the appropriate candidate not be found within your operations, it is often economically not advised to appoint new longterm staff.

A possible solution is offered by the Interim-Manager. He / she is experienced in

  • various sectors
  • various regions
  • sometimes complex conditions

The Interim-Manager will steer your organisation safely through the critical phase and can often add new impetus simply through his / her experience. An Interim-Manager can offer support in various ways.

Special Analyses

The use of Interim-Managers is also ideal for special tasks. Appointing an Interim-Manager means your internal staff can remain with their originary task.

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